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Yesterday I had dinner with some friends and we were discussing our travel plans, and how I am so close to hitting my travel target of 30 countries before I am 30 (even though I am only 22 years old).

He then turned to me and asked the most important question of the day ‘so Pelumi why did you start travelling?’…. and to be honest at that moment I struggled to give a valid reason. I guess I have been doing it so long that I forgot my ‘why’. I did a blog post a while back where I spoke about 5 reasons why I travel but reading it back now I feel like retitling it to ‘benefits of travelling’. Those were not the reasons why I started or continue to travel.

I remember scrolling through Instagram and stumbling on a picture, it was a picture of Switzerland mountains. It was the most beautiful image I have ever seen in my life. I remember thinking to my self this is much better than a heaven I imagined, so if this is on earth then what must heaven be like. I was flabbergasted… no world could describe what I felt. I remember clicking on the profile and just being gobsmacked by all the amazing wonders of the world. I decision was made at that moment I want to see them all at least most of them. 

Here are a few of my favourites and I hope it inspires you to pick up your bag and go somewhere … anywhere ..
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Feel free to leave a comment below, I look forward to hearing from you. Till then, I leave you with this quote:

‘I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on the list’

Stay blessed x


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