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There is a popular saying, ’a picture tells a thousand words’. If this is the case we better make sure the pictures are telling the right stories.
These are a few tips to help improve the quality of your travel pictures:

1. Location scouting:

Location is not everything but does help to captivate your target audience sometimes. I do understand some photoshoots are spontaneous and you have work with what you have but if you do have an opportunity to select a location, it best to find one where you are free to tell your story. Go scouting the day before to identify potential places that will work best for you.

2. Be comfortable with your photographer:

I have found my pictures to be so much better when I get prompts from the cameraman/woman when they say things like ‘ yes girl.. work it!’ .The photogenic part of me emerges and from that point, I really can’t be held accountable for what occurs.

  • Blessed are the photographers who tell their clients to suck in their belly, the last thing you want is people asking on your social media page is how far along you are; Christmas food babies are real guys.

3. Be free:

Freedom of speech and actions. Freedom does come with being comfortable with the person behind the camera. You should be able to communicate effectively what you are trying to achieve prior to starting, so both parties are on the same page.
Forget that someone is taking a picture of you and just do what you will normally do. Being in your element allows your picture to have a vibe of authenticity and relatability. Which are the two things I always strive for.

4. Angles:

Darling, work your angles: We all have that pose or angle that works best for you and if you know yours, it simply means you need to take more picture. Go ahead and do a spontaneous photoshoot. Know what works for you
I have to admit my face is not built for vogue *open lips pouting photos*. I just look like someone who is very upset.

5. Remember you are telling a story:

What emotions do you want to convey when people look at your pictures? I am a lover of happy smiling faces, not just because I think my smile is one of my best features but because I personally like to see happy pictures. Therefore, when I am taking pictures it’s not rare for me to think about a happy memory and actually laugh out loud ( I must admit the first time I did it I myself felt like I was going crazy). The end result can’t be disputed with, because I look genuinely happy, because I was genuinely happy when I took the picture.

6. Timing

Find out how it looks like at the different time of the day, this picture was taking on top of the table mountain in cape town, we set first thing in the morning before the crowd started arriving. This picture was free of photobombers because of the time of the day. Sunset often allows perfect silhouette images to be captured. 

7. simplicity:

Keep it simple.

8.Camera settings:

I will not say that I am an expert on cameras as most of my photos are taking using an iPhone. The extra effort of lounging a camera along with during my travel I have never found appealing. I have seen pictures taken on mobile phones which are better than those taken using a ‘professional camera’. I am not saying a mobile phone photo quality is better in comparison to a professional camera, I’m saying it’s less about the equipment you use but more of the person using it. So master using whatever tool you have.

BONUS:if you’re using your phone camera, one major thing I have learnt to do before taking any picture is the act of simply cleaning the lens, it takes a couple of seconds but it can drastically improve the quality of your picture you will be surprised how quickly your lenses can get smeared after all we are always holding our phone.

And most importantly! enjoy it!
In the midst of doing it for the gram, remember to actually enjoy your travel experience. One rule I have adopted is to take enough pics to create travel content then put away my phone and simply just immerse your self into it all.  So far still working on the balance.

Till then I leave you with this quote:

‘we take pictures as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.’

If you do have any more suggestion to get that killer Instagram pic! Feel free to drop a comment.

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