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Travelling away means new adventures, often a new language, and definitely new experiences. Pelumi Nubi was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but online she's known as Black Kintsugi. She began her online platform to talk about her trips and connect with other travellers from across the globe. She tells journalist Hannah Ajala what inspired her to adopt the name 'Black Kintsugi' and how that helps her connect with her love for travel

Travelling mind with Libby Jeffery

Pelumi- On Big Dreams, Solo Travel and Kintsugi! With a goal of seeing every country in the world, Pelumi has already gone to 55 countries out of 193. Her message that travel is safe, easy and doable is echoed in the community she has built around @Black.Kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese tradition of mending broken ceramics with gold- thus, fixing an item and increasing it’s value.

Black Kintsugi X Tales of traveller podcast

Covering a range of topics from; tourism in African countries, shortage of content from African countries, place where we’ve felt the most connection, next generation of travelling. with: Ibby, Whitney from The Q Travels Podcast and Clem Richards.

Black Kintsugi x Two Doras

joined by the lovely guest Pelumi, best known as @black.kintsugi, she is a travel content instagrammer, tweeter and podcaster with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Stay tuned as she dishes all the tea and secrets

Black Kintsugi X Millennial Thoughts

In this episode I chat with my first international guest. Black kinsugi about traveling while in school, how she plans her trips and where she stays. She provides tips on finding great hostels and how to travel in Europe. She is planning her 60th country wow and she is only 25!!! You go girl make sure you check her out on twitter, Instagram and her podcast.

Black Kintsugi x Black Women Travel Podcast

In this chapter, Pelumi talks about her travel goals (big ups to Woni Spotts), including going to the moon, and how being an overachiever has shaped her aspirations . She discusses her annual retreat around her birthday and how she prioritizes spending time with her family. Pelumi gets into how her values have shifted over time, the legacy she wants to leave, and what a life of service means to her. She shares how being Black has impacted her travels, her thoughts on being typecast as a Black person living in these times, and how living with dyslexia made her feel boxed before she started traveling.

Black Kintsugi x Vamejo Podcast

My guest today is Pelumi Nubi also known as Black Kintsugi. She has been to 61 countries at the time of this podcast going live. Pelumi is on a mission to be the youngest black woman to visit every country in the world. We talked about solo travel, travelling as a black woman, passport privilege and more. You can find Pelumi on her website or on instagram @black.kintsugi and on twitter @PhD_flygirl

Black Kintsugi x travelnshit* podcast

Y’ALL!!! I had so much fun this week! I had an incredible convo with Pelumi of! We got into her work as a scientist, being in her final year of Phd work in cancer research (get into this black excellence, y’all!) how her unconventional perception of “home” was developed, road trips in West Africa, being harassed in Marrakech; just a really great fucking convo y’all. Travel conversations don’t just have to be about the destination - enjoy discussing the experience.

Black Kintsugi x All the things we see podcast

Pelumi Nubi is a travel blogger and a PhD student in cancer research and genetic studies and she's, in this episode she's giving us the low down on how to travel easy as a newbie traveller.

The Big dreamer podcast with The Fisayo

Pelumi walks us through the challenges she has faced in life and how she has been able to overcome them.

4 Steps to Make Your Travel Goals a Reality

Black.Kintsugi has an ambitious travel goal to see every country in the world, and has recently gone to the 60th country on her list! In this episode: 4 Steps to Make Your Travel Goals a Reality, get motivated for the New Year!