Pelumi interviewed by Edem Adzaho of the Vamejo Travel Podcast on Solo Female Travel and Passport Privilege

In this 49 minutes episode, Pelumi joined Edem Adzaho of the Vamejo Travel Podcast and talked about her escapades to some countries, her experience traveling solo as a black woman, passport privilege and lots more.

Pelumi on BBC Focus on Africa Podcast Sharing Why She Stuck With The Black Kintsugi Name

Ever wondered about the origin of the Kintsugi name? In this brief 4 minute piece, Pelumi gists with Hannah Ajala about the inspiration behind the name ‘Black Kintsugi’.

Pelumi Interviewed by All Things We See Podcast on How To Travel On A Budget As A Newbie

Interested in traveling but confused where to start? Join Pelumi and Udeme Asian on the All Things We See Podcast for tips on achieving your travel dreams without breaking the bank. Find helpful tips to help you plan from scratch specifically tailored for new travelers.

Pelumi Stars In This Episode of The Twenty Somethings Rant Sharing Insight Into Her Life And Traveling Tips For Twenties

When is the right age to start traveling? How to make the most of your twenties as a travel enthusiast? In this episode of the Twenty Somethings Rant, Pelumi shares her story, how she started traveling and how she achieved her 30 before 30 goal. Also find traveling tips for your twenties.

Pelumi interviewed by Africa and Budget on Best Travel Tips

In this 49 minute podcast, Pelumi guides listeners on their travel plans. Drawing from her well of experience, she shares simple actionable tips on what to do and what not to do as you plan your next adventure.

Pelumi Gets Personal With The Black Women Travel Podcasts

Ever wondered what make the Black Kintsugi thick? Her inspiration? Her go to song for a cry? This episode in collaboration with the Black Women Travel Podcast offers an in depth study into the person that is Pelumi Nubi. She shares her dreams of traveling to the moon, what started her on this path, her challenges and triumphs so far. It’s 84 minutes of heart warming openness and inspiration. Some have even described it as, “listening to your best friend tell you about her favorite trip”.

Pelumi interviewed by The Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop Podcast In Creating A Work-Travel Balance

How to you balance traveling with making a living.
What to do with you travel plans in the face of uncertainties.
These are a few of the questions answered by Pelumi in this episode of the Nomad Peeps podcast. Pelumi shares how she is simultaneously working on her PhD in Cancer Research and hitting her travel goals.