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Note: This is part 2 of my last week blog post if you have not read that click here first before continue reading. If you have welcome back and thanks for catching up with me this week.

We were stuck in Amalfi coast (well not quite about a 20min bus ride from Amalfi coast), missing another bus meant missing the train and missing the train meant we were going to spend yet another night not staying in the BnB that we originally paid for back in Venice. We had to think quickly on our feet. What should we do? What can we do? Wait for another bus that could potentially be full or take the bus back to the Amalfi coast, which will then reload, and head back to Sorrento? We chose the latter, trust me it was the best choice we could have gone for. So we sat on the bus going in the opposite direction to our final destination. That moment taught me a life lesson I don’t think I will forget for a long time; It’s okay to go in the wrong direction for a period of time if, in the long run, it will get you to your final destination meaning in life’s journey a detour or delay is not a bad thing. So we took the bus back to the Amalfi coast.


On arriving we discovered the source of our problem. There was a massive queue! It was almost 5 pm which meant everyone was heading home from a fun day at the beach. The bus filled up slowly and we were finally ready for the journey back to Sorrento, where we would take a train to Napoli and then a train back to Venice.

We finally got to Sorrento with time to spare. We picked up a snack or two on the way and we were ready for the train to Napoli. We got to Napoli at 22.15 and discovered that we could take a bus to Venice (a cheaper alternative to the train) with a stop over in Florence, which I really wanted to see. It seemed brilliant, everything really was working out so well and we had our bus tickets and an hour to get dinner before the overnight bus left. We arrived at the bus stop with minutes to spare. We saw the bus right there. There was some sort of confusion and till this day I can’t really explain what happened, but these things happen very easily, especially with the presence of a language barrier. The next thing we knew we had missed our bus and the next bus was coming in an hour time. That meant we were cutting it tight to get to the airport. We just could not take that risk bearing in mind one of my friends already had to buy a new ticket for her self after we unexpectedly had to stay the night in Sorrento so we could make it to Amalfi coast. Here we were again another night spent in another city and not in our warm BnB back in Venice. I am not sure what it was exactly but before I knew it I was crying. Not the cute one tear manly cry but hot bullet like tears running down my cheeks mouth open cry. It’s okay to cry. So that’s exactly what I did. I cried and cried. I was stupid to miss the bus again. I cried about the fact I missed the chance to see Florence. I cried about not having a warm bed that night. But most of all I cried because I was tired and I had just reached my limit. So I when I was done crying I wiped my face and thought about the next thing to do, and that would be to take the 7.30 train directly to Venice, it cost us a lot but at that point, we really just wanted to go home.


So remember, I told you everything happens for a reason. We moved from the bus station to the train station and we had almost 8 long hours ahead of us. So we sat and waited as time crawled by slowly. A man nearby started a conversation, I was not in the mood. I was tired and a whole other bunch of excuses I will like to insert here. But you know what, one of my friend I travelled with inspired me to more receptive to strangers (don’t tell her I said that). It is so interesting how people can be so open to strangers. So we got talking, he was waiting for his 6 am train to head back home. He commuted such a long way every day made less than 50 pounds daily and lived in a small room, he wore colourful turbans to cheer himself up and had a collection of pictures on his phone. He worked hard and he was generally happy. He was an illegal worker that just wanted to put bread on the table to his family back home. He was a joy to talk to, after the conversation I could not help but count my blessings and think about all the things I have taken for granted in the past. I had visited 5 cities in the last two days and even as I found my self-stranded in the train station I was blessed and privileged and more importantly grateful for it all.

So this experience led to me creating ‘inspired corner’ where I would be writing stories about the people I meet along the way and what life lessons they have to share (watch this space). The train station wait was not too bad after all before we knew it we were boarding the train and heading home. We finally headed it back to our Air BnB.  If you had told me on Monday that us leaving for Amalfi coast meant we would not return until Wednesday afternoon I would have laughed in your face, but that what was exactly what had happened. That’s life! It’s really short you just don’t know what will come your way that why you have to live your truth, live to the fullest and understand your purpose.

After getting home we had a few minutes to take a warm shower and head towards the airport. Italy was not about seeing the sights and doing all the ‘touristy things’. I did not even get on the famous boat-bus. Instead, it provided a change in my state of mind. It changed my perspective about life and gave my purpose of travelling a deeper meaning. I certainly had a Kintsugi moment when the gold was filled into the cracks, where my uncertainties about life became crystal clear.

As we soared over the clouds and heading back to London, I counted my blessings and looked forward to the next adventure ahead of me. Visit my Instagram page peluminubi to discover my next adventure.

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 Till then I leave you with this quote

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau

 Stay blessed!xx


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