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It’s a common saying that if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with a friend.

Here are 8 things to consider before choosing your perfect travel buddy:

  1. You both have close or similar  beliefs of ‘what is fun’

FUN is a concept you always want to keep on a high level whenever travelling. It makes the memories shared just a little bit tense and exciting. So the lack of it makes the travel experiences boring to say the least.  So it’s important you both enjoy similar activities to keep the momentum going! There are a few ways to find this information. Firstly, spend some time with them before planning that grand get away. I am not talking just a few hours lunch date but instead a micro adventure for example a day trip to a neighbouring city. How do they cope under pressure? Do you enjoy their company? Secondly, talking it through. Communicate any expectation that both parties might have and ensure that you both understand and are on board.

  1. Respect

As much as it is a shared memory your travel buddy should be able to respect your views on life, your religious views and anything else that you consider important. This way open discussions can be made without any offence creeping in. Mutual respect is so key in choosing the right travel buddy.

  1. Scheduling

This is so key – it determines the speed and timing of the trip. Some people are early bird starters whilst others like to explore till the late night. Having clashing schedules can seem like someone is being lazy, not wanting to maximise the trip when really they are simply following the schedule they are used to, so sort this out before the trip, understand and study your travel buddy. One way to solve this is to create an itinerary and plan out each day. How long will each activity take? Don’t get me wrong every hour doesn’t have to be accounted for. I actually suggest that you think about providing plenty of free time and just because you travelled with someone does not mean spending the whole trip with them. You both can go off to do your thing and come back to a base that you decide on.

  1. Social media ideology

Since we live in the social media era, it is important for both of you to share similar social media usage. Then, you are likely to enjoy your trip better. It’s a bit frustrating when one traveller wants to just enjoy the scenery whilst the other just wants to take pictures for the gram. Both parties can be frustrated about why the other does not want to take part in their activities. P.S: if you are a great photographer I am currently opening up applications for you to be my travel buddy. Leave a comment below, I promise it comes with a lot of perks!

  1. Good communication

This is so important! You need to be able to communicate with each other easily and letting the other party know what you enjoy doing and how you are finding the experience so far. Communicate things that are important to you to your travel buddy! Are you willing to try new things or are you are set in your ways? Any diet restrictions or medical condition that your travel buddy should know about? These are important to highlight before the trip just in case of an emergency. Comm

  1. Flexibility

I always say it’s useful to write out a travel itinerary before taking the trip. That way both parties could put together what activities that they will like to do whilst travelling.  But it’s important to understand that even though a schedule has been set, flexibility is something that should also be present in abundance. Hence, you are not simply ticking things off the bucket list but also creating memories and enjoying the culture of whatever country you are visiting. Flexibility truly allows for unplanned adventure. I promise these moments are usually unforgettable!

  1. Budget

It is important that you set a budget of how much you want the trip to cost. Money makes the world go round and it’s important that you and your travel buddies are honest about your spending limits. That way there are no awkward expensive dinner dates which one party can’t afford and they have no choice but to wash the restaurant dishes as a repayment for their meal ( that’s a joke!). But seriously, this is an honest conversation to have. It is worth coming up with a budget for the trip. That way both parties are able to decide how much they want to spend and activities can be planned around it. If you are not comfortable talking money you should probably not be travelling with that person.

  1. Personality

You don’t have to have the same exact personality (you should not be semi – twins) but there should be similar overlap personalities, which are a good common ground for you to start a conversation on. You should be able to enjoy each others company. Make sure you don’t travel with people who are in the extreme spectrum of anything you can’t stand. The trip will be miserable. Trust me I am speaking from experience. Your travel buddy should have your back and you should be able to maximise the time spent in a new destination.

The truth remains that you might not get it right all the time, but I hope with the use of these 8 tips you are able to make better choices and explore the world with someone who makes the journey extra special!


Do you have additional tips for picking the perfect travel companion? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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