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Oh dear! How time flies, took a break and the next thing I knew the blog’s been untouched for over 3 months. But Black Kintsugi back! Here are a few lessons I have learnt and implementing in 2018!

-Consistency is so important!

I found that for me to break into a certain habit, I needed to be consistent in keeping of top of everything. Consistency is like baby steps you keep taking; one step in front of another and before you know it you’ve been on a journey without having realised how it started in the first place! 

-Listen to your gut feelings

Instinct, third eye, whatever else you call it: the voice that tells you to take that move or do that thing. LISTEN TO IT!

-Just do it. Take that leap of faith

Nike says it best: just do it! Courage is not the absence of fear, but still doing what you want to do despite the presence of fear.

– Find your ‘why’

Why? Because this is your navigator, it helps you determine what direction in life you want to face. 

When diverting from your ‘why’, pause and remember it.

I was in a bit of a limbo a couple of month ago because I faced a burn out and I knew within me I needed a break from everything desperately. I fought it off because it went against my motto of consistency. However, this led me to an important lesson: when you notice that you are deviating from your ‘why’ the best thing to do is to take a break and rediscover it. It does not mean you lack consistency but that you matter enough to take care of yourself first, for you must first be filled up before you can give to others. it biblical ‘my cups run over’, for the cup must first be filled to give out.

–  You don’t need a reason to do something, the fact that you want to do is enough. 

One of the best advice I received this year was to not over-complicate things. Sometime in the desperate attempt to incite meaning out of the things I do, I try to define them and give them a purpose that is greater than what they actually are. When I first started travelling, I did so just because. I did not own a blog and I did not do it for anyone. Once the blog came and people showed interest in my travels I began to fear that my travel needed to have a greater meaning; either to directly motivate others to travel or to help the less privileged whenever I travel. It became apparent that this line of thought left me feeling unaccomplished. However, this was not reason to stop travelling. Why? I simply liked to travel and that was it

– Network! Find your tribe.

For the longest of time I had thought of myself as a lone ranger, simply doing my own thing. But this year I found my travel tribe, and the proverbial saying ‘if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go together’ began to hold much more meaning to me than ever before. Finding my tribe allowed me to connect with people with whom I shared a common passion, which was very heart-warming. I look forward to more friendships blossoming this year.

-Try out new things 

I was obsessed with this in 2017 and it paid off majorly. Trying out new thing was so refreshing. It can start with something small like going to a restaurant and letting the waiter/waitress pick out your food to big stuff like skydiving.

-Making mistake means you are learning so go ahead and make big mistakes.

At the beginning of 2017, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to make big mistakes. I was sick of walking on eggshells. This newfound confidence came with a lot of opportunities of a lifetime. If you are wondering if I did make any mistakes last year, trust me I did. I made big FAT mistakes, but I have no regret about them, if anything I am thankful as they make me better edified for the journey ahead.

-Unfinished project remain unfinished if you don’t work on them

Can I get an amen for this one! I have wanted to write a book for the longest time and when I say the longest time, I am talking over 10 years. I am yet to achieve that goal because I have not dedicated a solid amount of time towards that project and the lack of effort toward a goal means they will remain a goal and nothing else. Lesson learnt: if I want something to shift from simply being a goal to becoming reality, I need to put in the work. Hopefully 2018 will be my year of being a published author.

-Do what makes you happy. You can’t please everyone, so do you. 

You have to do you! we are created with the uniqueness that can’t even be imagined. no two people are the same so why do we constantly obsess over other people’s lives and try to run other people’s races? I sincerely believe that what sets your soul on fire and makes you happy are things that should matter the most to you. You can’t please everyone (that’s a fact), so why bother. You just have to remember that everyone’s progression is different, don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. Stand by your values and goals and the universe will acknowledge you. 

-Self-love is contagious, when you love yourself, it emanates from you

Self-care was certainly the most preached sermon in 2017, but how much of it did you actually listen to? I learnt that is not about going on spa dates and taking your vitamins, but instead doing a total emotional and mental clean up; remembering that we are all human and mistakes will be made; and counting your losses and moving on. Remember others can detect the vibe that we give out, and this sometimes determines to how we are treated. Let your vibe be positive. Let your aura be attractive. 

I hope to continue exploring, growing and, most importantly, discovering the best version of myself in the New Year. 

I can’t wait to share my crazy adventures with you.  Cheers to an unstoppable 2018 !

Love and light!x


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