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When I travel, my make up bag contains only 10 items.

Over the months of travelling, I have been able to sieve out the makeup I don’t routinely use and stick to the basics which can provide different looks. On the plus side, they are travel-friendly and hassle free especially going through security.

I normally put my make up in a transparent makeup bag, which sometimes saves me time from transferring thing to the security bag provided in the airport. It is usually small enough to just fit. my overall makeup look tends to be effortless and usually done within 7-12minutes. When travelling the last thing I want to do is to sit for hours doing my makeup when I could be out exploring.

Here are my makeup items, I hope they inspire you to cut back on your make up bag when next you are travelling.


  1. Primer  –  I buy the this at my local drug store, it’s the Maybelline brand ‘Baby skin’, it is small and travel-friendly and a pee size is all I need for each application. – £7.99
  2. Foundation – this doubles up as my concealer, I use it in very small amounts the last thing I need is a caked face whilst travelling.  I get studio tech in shade NW50 from MAC (I have always been a loyal fan of MAC makeup, I feel it the perfect match for my skin tone ) – £27
  3. Press powder with foundation- I love this mac powder as it double us as a foundation, which means that most day I can use it alone and still feel like I have a full coverage, it is long lasting. I buy most of my MAC product duty-free that way I am able to benefit from the 20% no VAT discount it offers. I then to go for the darkest shade they currently do which is NW58. – £23.50
  4. Blusher – again another MAC fav, called Film Noir. This is a very small tub but very pigmented, last for ages and provides those scissors shape check bone. – £19.50
  5. Contouring panel – I can’t tell you how much I love this three shade contour panel called face form in dark, I use it on different sections of my face to get that amazing glow look. Long lasting and defo worth the buy. £10
  6. Retractable brush – I bought the brush from Wilko and I am super happy about it, it has soft bristles, easy to clean, and it retraction adaptability means it does not stain my make up bag.  make use of this brush when applying powder. £3
  7. Contour brush – I used the same brush to do all my contouring, it is soft and its large shape allows me to get the perfect check bone and I am able to highlight areas like my nose and chin. (no idea)
  8. Mascara- basic and easy again bought from my local store. I go for the black brown shade, my mascara is used for 3 different things. I use it on my lashes and during application the excess look like eye liner on my eyelids and finally, I used it for my eye brows (yes! I use mascara for my eye brows). Why? because I have never been a fan of perfect eyebrows. I feel they look less natural and more drawn on, by using mascara I gain an imperfect more natural looking eye brow and it works just fine for me. £2.99
  9. Lip gloss- my usual to go to is vaseline but over the year I feel it not as moisturizing as a lip gloss, with this lip gloss it had a hint of pink but after application, it gives me with a natural nude lip which I usually like. (It was a gift)
  10. Lip stick – only used on special occasions such as a celebration meal, my current fav is ‘sin’ from mac. Not my fav name for a lip stick and to be honest it put me off using it for a while, but I must admit I love the shade, it is matte and lasts the whole night after one application.

This is a wrap of my make up bag content POST! I hope you liked it, drop me a comment if you think I am missing something very important. I have space for one more item 🙂

  1. Till then I leave you with this…
  2. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.  ~Susan Heller

Stay blessed!xx


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