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I guess people are right when they say you never appreciate the things that are close to you. As you all know, I on a mission to travel the world to experience different cultures, meet new people and see the world from different perspectives. But in all my efforts to explore, I have totally ignored the treasure of the British countryside. I know many people who spend a lot of in order to take a break, but in almost a decade of living in the UK, I have never explored the countryside. Well, that is about to change. Welcome to my staycation trip, lessons learnt and tips to creating the perfect getaway.

I was determined to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and what better way to do this than to go to a place, where the phone signal is remote and the traffic sounds are exchanged for the mooing of cows or even total silence.

But first of all, I had to narrow down my destination, after a lot of deliberating; I narrowed my search down to two locations, Lake District or Cotswold’s. I choose the latter due to the driving distance. I did not have a stay that long and I did not want to spend the majority of it driving.

So it was going to be Gloucester. With the location selected the next thing to book was the perfect holiday home. To be honest I wanted it to be like a little cottage or like glamping (camping but with class).  I started my search. A hotel was not going to cut it for me so I used my favourite alternative, Airbnb. If you have not yet opened an account yet, drop me a comment and I will send you a link so that you get £30 off your next booking. I love Airbnb it usually feels like home away from home. They usually come with a personalized touch, unlike the usual standardized feel you get with hotels.

Whilst searching I came across a farm hut which was small cosy and self-contained. It absolutely ticked everything off my list. In other words, it was perfect! And the cherry on top was all of the 80 reviews left on the page. It scored full mark. Not a single person had something negative to say. It was almost too good to be true so I decided to have no expectations what so ever, that way I am not disappointed if it does not meet my expectations. And guys I must say it was PERFECT! It was everything I wanted and more. I took long walks for hours, clearing my head and just appreciating life. Miles of corn crops and some farm animals. The living condition was just cosy and homely.

Here was my accommodation

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I cannot over recommend this place if you are looking for a perfect get away. Rosalind is the perfect host and I now understand why reviews left on her Airbnb page are nothing but amazing. Click here to book your next stay.

Till then I leave you with this…


It feels good to be lost in the right direction. 

Stay blessed!xx

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