In September I decided to challenge myself and push my limits. I was determined to travel to 6 different countries (Germany, Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Italy, France and Sweden) and at the same time handle my PhD and doing my second job. You guess it right! I went through a burnout. I realised that when... Continue Reading →

Conned on the streets of Paris

I walked out of the subway and into the street staring intensely at my Google map app on my phone, it said that the tower should just be about 500meters from my location. I just needed to take the next left. I suddenly looked up and there it was the Eiffel tower. My first response was ‘oh... Continue Reading →

5 things to do on a staycation

Last week I wrote about my little countryside getaway. I pride my self on being a city girl but something about the countryside just calls out to my soul. I have been asked what exactly I did during my countryside staycation and that what this blog is about. To be honest, the days were spent in... Continue Reading →


I guess people are right when they say you never appreciate the things that are close to you. As you all know, I on a mission to travel the world to experience different cultures, meet new people and see the world from different perspectives. But in all my efforts to explore, I have totally ignored... Continue Reading →

Essentials for your travel makeup bag

When I travel, my make up bag contains only 10 items. Over the months of travelling, I have been able to sieve out the makeup I don't routinely use and stick to the basics which can provide different looks. On the plus side, they are travel-friendly and hassle free especially going through security. I normally put my make up in a... Continue Reading →

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