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My travels are usually spontaneous but my flight to Italy was by far the most spontaneous. I got invited by two friends who wanted to visit and before I had time to over think things I jumped at the opportunity. Since I have made a decision to always stick by what I say, my yes was definite and a few days passed and I was on my way to Venice, Italy.

The time of arrival at Venice airport was 10.30pm. The journey time to bus garage from the airport was 1 hour. I met a guy on the bus (but that’s another story for another day). I was reunited with my friends and that’s how the adventure of the three musketeers began. We took a stroll around Venice city centre and the river gave a calming effect.


Welcome to Venice

The arrival time from the bus garage to my home for the night was past midnight. We had a lot of catching up to do and we had such a big day ahead. We were going to go from Venice to Amalfi coast and back in one day (well that was what we thought). The journey time by car would be 7 h 56 min (774.7 km). But we planned to take the train service with a stop over in Rome for 2 hours. It was going to be the ultimate adventure we knew it; we felt it in our bones.

venis to amalifi coast map

We finally headed to bed at 1:47, planning to wake up at 4.15. In the morning I heard my alarm go off and my heavy, sleepy hand came crashing down on it; hitting the stop button. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew I was flying out of the bed at 4.39, having only a few min before the bus to the station arrived. We had two choices; Attempt to run for the bus and probably forget important things behind or wait 20 minutes for the next bus to arrive. We chose to wait and hoped we will not miss our train. We got ready for the day ensuring we had our train tickets and everything we needed for the day, such as our swimming costume and towels. After all, we were going to the Amalfi coast, which is one of most beautiful wonders of the world and a popular honeymoon destination for many couples.

We barely made it to the train station with a few seconds to find our seats ensuring we validated our tickets as not doing so could result in a fine. It was an easy-breezy trip and before we knew it we were in Rome. The most efficient way to maximise our time was to take the city tour bus, which you could hop on and off. One thing I would suggest is to ensure you make use of the service that includes a tour guide on board as that way you can ask questions and get to know the amazing cultural history of Rome.

Overall, it was a great tour and we were able to visit places like to Colosseum, Vatican City and Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II.

Rome was over within a twinkle of an eye and we were on our way to Napoli, which was another long train journey but made simpler by bringing along McDonald’s and having lots of leg room space. The mountain view we passed by was breathtaking and the large windows on the train provided an almost a cinematic view. It gave me a lot of time to clear my head, something I will always recommend when travelling. We arrived at Napoli with our bums sore because of long journey but ready to commence the new journey ahead 😉

The next stage of the Journey was taking the train from Napoli to Sorrento. It was a very different train for my London readers (the best way to describe is like the previous trains we had been taking were things like Virgin or London southern train but now we had to take the DLR) It was a complex system and we ended up taking the green line rather than the red line. 1.5 Hours on the train and it finally came to stop and we discovered we were lost. With language barrier present, we were frustrated as the clock was against us especially if we wanted to make it back to Venice tonight. But then again if you don’t get lost are you really travelling? As getting lost provides that extra flavour. Those extra memories that would not be present if everything went as planned.

With the help of a nice train conductor, we were able to get back on track finding ours to Sorrento. We arrived at Sorrento 7.00pm and going to Amalfi coast that night wouldn’t have been a wise choice so we decided to stay in Sorrento for the night bearing in mind we had not packed for the night, which meant we had to buy basic essentials and a change our outfit for the next day. Thank God for apps like we were able to get a hotel room at a decent rate and I just wanted to crawl up in bed as we had almost a full day of travelling. I felt sweaty and sticky but then again we were in Sorrento, a city of lemons which are turn to lemonade! We were definitely making use of the lemons life was throwing at us.


We decided to head to the hotel to freshen up and then head back to the city. The city was very vibrant even towards the early hours. We saw strange street displays and we went on a slight shopping spree. We stumbled on stalls, which sold unique clothing items, and we bought floaters for the next day adventure. We watched the sun set over dinner of Italian made pasta drown in cheese. It was a well-deserved meal and the night could not have ended on a better note.

 We aim to get the bus going to Amalfi coast at 11 am but first, we wanted to see the sun rise over the beautiful mountains whilst swimming in the hotel pool, which had a breathtaking view. We made it just in time for the sunrise and I will forever treasure memories like this one, as I felt so alive in that very moment. It felt good to see the burst of the sun through the clouds and I was reminded that I am here for a reason. It was not just a mere coincidence.

We had breakfast, got ready and we were finally, on our way to the Amalfi coast. It was a busy bus ride and we had to stand for some of the journeys but still, I would do this journey over and over again as the views were of the blue water and houses built on hills. The driver had to press the horn every few seconds and to let other drivers know he was coming as the road was filled with blind spots and speeding could result in a crash. The roads were narrow and had a definite slippery slope. The journey time came to a total of 2 hours, but we finally made it to Amalfi coast and yes I must say it was paradise. I was eager to jump into the seas (obviously with my floater). We spent a few hours by the seaside just enjoying life really and working on my tan.

Mail –

Amalfi coast did not only meet my expectations but also superseded it. On our way to the coast, we had driven past a quiet small island and we wanted to go and check it out it. It had very blue water and we were determined to visit that too. So we got on the bus going back to Sorrento and we arrived at Fiordo Di Furore it was perfect, something from God! I stood for a moment trying to take in all the details. I wanted to go far into the sea as I was floating in the joy of it all. We had to be conscious of time as we were determined to get back to Venice tonight.


I spent my last few moment in paradise afloat listening to the sound of laughter as people jumped from the cliff down to the ocean. I heard the calming waves lapping against my floater. My arm was lazily playing in the water as I reminisced about what I want out of life. I was in paradise and did not want to leave.

A few more minutes we kept saying to each other. A few more minutes we repeated, but time was against us and we had to head back. We stood at the bus stop we waiting for the bus going back to Sorrento and the first one drove straight right past us and we were very confused as to why that might be. We decided maybe he did not see us so next time we all had to be waving. It was going to be another 30min before the next one came, I wanted to go back to the water but I already had my dry clothes on. So we sat at the bus stop waiting. The next bus came and we all rushed to the road, but it kept going then we saw that the bus was filled up and the driver was not taking any more passengers. Time was ticking and we were going to miss our train if we didn’t get out of the Amalfi coast. We stood and wondered what we should do but we discovered quickly that we were stuck.


Watch out next week for Part 2!

I leave you with this quote

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

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