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About me


My name is Pelumi Nubi , at the tender age of 10 was uprooted from the only home I knew back then Lagos, Nigeria to start living in the UK. After travelling to over 60+ countries and feeling like I have lived many lives. I realized that home is not all a place but instead home is the journey. I now teach people how they too can explore the world on their own term not limit my fear or by their pockets.


If know you are thinking but where does the name Black Kintsugi originate from and why did I choose to call my self that. You can find all the answers here.


One question I get often asked; “How did you travel to so many places?”

If though the answer is so long-winded and I could honestly spend the whole day telling you tips and tricks of how to travel better. I believe fundamentally it begins with me deciding that I wanted to go exploring the world. The mindset shift was everything to me because I legit became unstoppable, I stopped making excuses and started putting things in places that will make that dream a reality. It honestly starts with the mind, I strongly believe once that blockage is overcome then the real momentum is put in place. That is why the page is dedicated to showing you that travelling can be easy, safe and most importantly do-able. You have found a safe space on the Internet. Welcome to KINTSUGI NATION!