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If you are new to this page welcome! Lets’s jump right in shall we. First of all, there is something you should know about me – I am very guarded about the products I apply on my skin because I have super sensitive skin that reacts adversely to every and anything. So I approached the Crabtree Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer warily and a tad circumspect. However, in the more than two weeks of using it, all my fears have been allayed and all my doubts cleared.


The Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer lends credence to every adjective in its name as it hydrated, moisturized and glowed up my face while leaving me smelling faintly of roses. I found it to be very moisturizing without being greasy or clogging up my pores. It had me feeling hydrated for over 6 hours after application while giving my skin a full plumpy, smooth feel.

It comes in an airtight opaque jar that protects its constituents from photo damage and air exposure. The jar is also very portable which is a huge plus as I can easily take it on my travels without having to check it in at the airport. Which is a huge win for me!


It has a fluffy featherweight creamy consistency which transforms quickly into liquid when applied on my skin. My skin drinks it up to deliver a non-greasy finish. I apply it on my face in circular massaging motions, ensuring it’s spread evenly while giving more loving attention to my dry spots. Every application leaves me feeling refreshed. It softens my skin, giving it a unique glow that screams “Healthy skin, coming through”. Unlike most moisturizers out there, the Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer contains microalgae which is the key reason for its instant yet long lasting hydrating powers. Microalgae has been scientifically proven to create a 128 percent moisture surge with one application; ultimately a better humectant than hyaluronic acid. Microalgae also has anti inflammatory properties and protects the skin from sun damage.




Another crucial ingredient in the Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer is Rose Water. Rose Water is known for its mildness which is perfect for my sensitive skin. It does all the work without all the harshness common with other skin care ingredients. Derived from actual rose petals, rose water is often mixed with moisturing cream because of its myriad benefits. Crab tree has taken it a step further by incorporating it into their new moisturizing cream. The cool and soothing feel of the Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer can be attributed to its Rose Water component.

This spring, I am all about using lighter super Hydrating products that leave my skin feeling refreshed and ready to glow in the sun and the Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer ticks all the right boxes while getting the job done excellently. So yes, I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone in search of a moisturizer that keeps them glowing all through the spring.

If you like to watch me apply the Evelyn Rose Hydrating Glow Face Moisturizer to my face. Click here!



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This post is part of a paid campaign to promote the Crabtree and Eveyln as part of their newest product launch – our Evelyn Rose Face Moisturizer Campaign. Although all views are my own and I have not been instructed what to include.


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