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I initially thought that Tenerife is pronounced Ten-er-eef
Nope, it’s pronounced Ten-er-eef-ay. Lesson number 1.
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This was my first holiday that I really enjoyed it to the fullest. There were no grandiose activities planned neither did something super amazing happen. It was all about the little details with Tenerife. The sand between my toes; the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks. The magic is all in the details, lesson 2.

I remember sending this message to a friend before taking off….

FullSizeRender (2).jpgWe arrived at this beautiful island with very little expectation. When travelling it really helps to have these massive expectations out of a holiday. If you’re not expecting heaven on earth and you happen to find yourself in paradise it’s an extra bonus! Lesson  3.

We were greeted by the hotel staff and welcomed with glasses of champagne. Cheers to more life or what? The mood was set for the holiday, total and utter relaxation. Our room was spacious with a beach view. Waking up to the sunrise over the horizon is blissful.


I spent my days laying on the beach sunbathing whilst reading good books. The evenings were spent exploring the city which really tended to come alive at night. The hotel which we stayed offered a wide range events during the evening ranging from live music and festive nights. These events were really fun and they matched the reviews I had read about them online prior to travelling. I definitely recommend you do your research before your trip. Lesson number 4.

The days blended into the nights and I really did not have any concept of time. We had no appointments to meet or hold or anything. I enjoyed the freedom of not waking up to an alarm clock; Being lost in time was great. Some people may be thinking what is the point of leaving your home to go and sleep? erm…. because you sleep better. Your mind and body are refreshed due to the change in your environment you are able to detach yourself from all the stress stimuli around you which you can’t necessary avoid if you stay at home. Lesson 5, it’s okay to pay money to sleep on sheets that get changed daily.

Lesson number 6, don’t lose faith in humanity. It was the fourth day and we had decided to head to the beach again. One recommendation I will give is to find a hotel which has their own private beach. I find it to be a lot more intimate and clean. I took this picture below and moments after that I stooped lower for another pose and my glasses dropped into the ocean, bearing in mind my lenses are minus -4.75 so wearing glasses is compulsory for me (thank God for contact lenses) and I can’t see long distance without them. This even should have totally ruined my holiday but to be honest, it did not. I do remember frantically searching for them in the water but I soon realised it was a lost cause and I then hoped it will get washed ashore by the next morning but I found nothing. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, my glasses are floating. For the rest of the holiday, the sound of the ocean and the kindness of strangers was enough to lead me when my sight failed.

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Lesson 7: it’s okay to cry. The end of this holiday brought tears to my eyes, something none have been able to do till date. Being intentional with life gives us a great sense of self and purpose. There are just some places in the world that make us present – as if time has stopped and nothing else exist. For me this was Tenerife, the sound of crashing waves put me in the state of calm and tranquillity.

Remember, don’t make your holiday plans all about ‘finding yourself’ or going on a specific self-journey. I challenge you to take a holiday just because. Don’t complicate it with planning anything and just go. The adventure awaits I promise.

I leave you with this…. 

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

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