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Keep your passport safe. This is the single individual item that if you lose or misplace during your holiday it ruined the whole trip. You have to go through the hassle of declaring it missing and a lot more drama after that. Therefore I will advise you keep it in a case that protects it from water damage and makes it more visible so you don’t leave it behind. Visit my Instagram page peluminubi to enter in a draw to win your free passport case 🙈

Comfortable clothing is a must. – I actually have a set of clothes I tend to wear when travelling. Usually like leggings and a free flowing top and comfy trainers. Nothing that is too tight or requires too much effort.

Give yourself plenty of time. Even as a frequent flyer I am sometimes tempted to get to the airport just in time but that can be very stressful as any delay could result in you missing your flight. Give yourself about 1-2 hours to get through security in case they find traces of explosive on your laptop and the customs officer feels like they have to search you several times (this really did happen to me). You also need to have time to check out duty free and the all of the amazing discounts offered compared to the high street value.

Remain calm. No matter what panicking only results in being discombobulated and not being quick on your feet, which is vital when travelling. So do yourself a favour, breath in and out and relax! The worst-case scenario is that you miss your flight and have to pay a ridiculous fee to catch the next one and despite all your efforts you

Be very nice to the air hostesses. This simple rule has gotten me VIP treatment on so many occasions from complimentary champagne to extra legroom space. Remember, you are a guest so if you want a better service then be kind. Ask about their day. Smile at them. Don’t press the bell and demand for items and always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

You’re on a holiday so relax. You know my Motto, ‘life is too short to care if your socks match’ or even better ‘ life is uncertain so eat your dessert first’ this means that it’s easy to fall into the rat race once the aeroplane touches down but think about where you are running to. You are on holiday so relax and take in the fact that you are alive.

Don’t just do it for the gram. I know so many people who travel just to post on Instagram and to be honest I am sometimes guilty of this. The constant need to post while travelling often distracts us from creating amazing memories and unforgettable moments. So I encourage you whilst on your next trip, take a break from picking up your phone when you see something exciting. Be selfish with what amazes you. Let that sunset overwhelm you and cause you to be in awe of what the universe we live in. Those kinds of things can’t be explained and it’s okay to not have a picture to prove it to friends, your memory will always remind you and that’s more than enough.

Rest and recharge. So many of my holidays do not have enough days to just chill by the pool for the whole day but when I do go on a trip that is slightly longer, I tend to set out a day where I get spoilt with massages, saunas and general relaxation by the pool (since I can’t swim for now but I am working on it). So I encourage you to take some ‘me time’. Take yourself out from the busyness of it all and just relax.

Write an account or reflection of your stay. I find that writing a do to list on the way to my destination sets an objective and tone for the whole trip. It allows me to have a general idea of the activities I would like to do. I always bear in mind that I might not be able to do it all, which is okay, therefore make me more flexible to trying new adventures or taking random detours during my trip. When returning home, I also take time out on the plane to reflect on how my trip went and how I could have improved on it in terms of how I handled situations and activities I enjoyed so I can keep this in mind on future trips.

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Remember, the journey is part of the experience so take out time to talk to people you meet when travelling. The person sitting next to you on the flight. Everyone has a story to tell and some people are usually comfortable telling a total stranger. Be open-minded and listen to what they have to say you might actually learn one or two lessons about life.

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Stay Blessed x


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