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Travelling is such a chore for some people, yet a lifestyle for some others. They live and breathe the road. Life is worth living and whatever makes you happy, you need to give it a shot. As a traveller, above seeing beautiful views and catching flights to different countries, travelling makes you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. No matter how beautiful a location is, all you need to do is visit another location to see a better view. It also shows you the uniqueness in being you, while they may be so many beautiful places, everywhere has its uniqueness and stands out for something. As a traveller, you may need different things to make your experience worth it, these needs vary and you might be surprised to see that what travellers really want might not be what you think they want. 


Let us get to the exciting part, shall we? I asked 10 frequent travellers (including my self) from the KINTSUGI NATION what do they really wanted to be gifted during this festive period and their response should hopefully provide some inspiration during this gifting season. Seatback and relax I promise this read would be worth every minute. Now I ask again- What do travellers actually want in 2020?


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Traveller 1 wants to be gifted Adventures:

“All I want for Christmas is ADVENTURE and the Adventure Challenge Book (Friends Edition) encapsulates everything I like; surprise, challenges, spontaneity, friendship & making & capturing memories, all in one. All adventures are unknown until you scratch it off, then you got to commit to completing the challenge, capture it on camera and stick the photo in the book, making an amazing scrapbook/memory capsule of the fun you’ve had together! Being a traveller with a 9 to 5, I can’t always seek adventure abroad so this is a perfect gift to seek it in my backyard with friends.”


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Tayo is The Five to Nine Traveler who believes life is more than your 9 to5. Labelled the Staycation Queen by some she is always on the hunt for adventure local & global and loves to share her stories to inspire the same in you! 

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Traveller 2 wants to be gifted a travel experience:

“As a travel lover who makes travel a priority in my life, I would love to be gifted an unforgettable travel experience with Tingly. Tingly is the perfect travel experience gift box to create unique moments and provide me with lots of memories to last a lifetime. This gift ticks the boxes of one of the many reasons I love to travel. After all, quality time and travel are my love languages. 2020 has really emphasized how valuable time is with the people that mean the most to you and I would love to relish more memories together.”

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Joyce is a Travel and food content creator, blogger and recipe developer, encouraging you to find joy in cooking and travel with purpose. She shares travel stories, tips to #travelsmart and nutritious recipes from around the world.

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Traveller 3 wants to be gifted plants:

“I don’t know about you, but 2020 has been the year of the scale back–by force, and sometimes by choice. 

As a grounded traveler, used to being on the road 180 days of each year, I would typically enjoy the gift of more travel. However, this year has left me wanting to invest more into my home space, because it is truly my refuge away from the road. With that said, all I want for Christmas is a plant subscription box, so that I can fill my space with enough green to transport me to my dream location of choice!

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Eulanda is an international speaker and content creator who co-runs travel and food culture blog, Hey! Dip Your Toes In with her husband.

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Traveller 4 wants to be gifted personalised items:

“Eyebrows threaded, hair laid, and nails snatched, I boarded my coach to Dublin airport. I was so excited to visit Brussels for the first time; especially because I had plans to visit neighboring cities like Amsterdam and Liege.  I got to the airport three hours early and opened my suitcase to freshen up before my flight. Except, it was not my suitcase. The absolute horror! I later learnt that a passenger with my exact luggage in the coach had mistakenly taken my belongings at the Port stop and entered the ferry to London. As you might expect, my ideal Christmas gift this year will be a personalized luggage set and passport cover. Any personalized Samsonite luggage set will do, but I have my eyes set on ‘My LV Heritage’ passport cover. Having both would have spared my blushes on that fateful day. 

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Sheryl is a travel enthusiast excited to see what travel will look like post

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Traveller 5 wants to be gifted a smartphone printer:

“What better way to save memories of your travels than by pictures? An Instax smartphone printer will let you take as many pictures as you want and pick out the very best ones to print out. You can also print multiple copies of the same picture so everyone can get one. Plus, it will easily fit in your luggage so you can take it wherever you are going.”


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Falke, also known as Finding Falke. Her blog is all about her passion for exploring the world, capturing her adventures, and sharing her best travel tips so you can explore the world just like her. What would her ideal gift be?   

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 Traveller 5 wants to be gifted a power bank:

“When Pelumi asked this question the first thing, I could think of was, an all-expense paid trip curated by me please 😫. I mean I can trust a couple of curators but I know what I want from every trip so I will save you the hassle 😂 but being realistic, one gift I will love is a customized power bank (preferably yellow text). I take my photos with my phone so would hate to run out of battery power while on the move, a customized one with some favorite words of mine would cheer me up each time. 

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Muele describes her self to have restless feet and she is super eager to explore the world. Whilst sharing these moments with her audience to stir up the same desire in them.

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Traveller 6 wants to be gifted a slick suitcase:

“I had to think a little deep for this one and pick one out of the first 5 things that came to mind ha-ha! For 2021, I am hopeful that we will be travelling a lot more so I would love a new cabin case. have my eye on the Samsonite Hi-Fi 4-wheel 55cm cabin case. It looks so slick, classic, and durable. For someone who travels a lot, it is one I would use for years to come so it would be a lovely gift for Christmas!  Father Christmas, if you are out there, I shall be waiting patiently for this in my stocking on Christmas day!

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Bugo is a London based travel and lifestyle blogger. She writes from a romantic and fun side of her UK (United Kingdom) and International travels and highlights pretty spots in London. 

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Traveller 7 wants to be gifted comfortable lounge set:

The few times people have bought travel-themed gifts for me; they have chosen perfectly. One gift was a portable tripod stand for my phone, that auto tracks you as you walk so it is easier to film yourself, and the other was a Southwest Airlines gift card. I really appreciated those! As a frequent traveler, one thing I love to prioritize is comfort; and clothing is a significant factor in my comfort, especially on long-haul flights. I like to be cozy. So, for me, the ideal gift would be a comfortable lounge set, like this one from ASOS. I would want black so I do not have to worry about stains showing, because once I was wearing white and an air host accidentally spilt red wine on it. That is the last time I wear white to travel. 


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Tiese is a travel writer living in the Bay Area. She shares snapshots of moments from the places she has visited through short stories and photographs. In her words “Memories frozen in time”.

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Traveller 8 wants to be gifted a unique world map:

Travel is a part of who I am and it shows in the type of gifts I ask for. I have a whole list. From translation devices to hiking gear, online services, travel guides, maps and even luggage the list of what travellers truly want is always growing.  What I truly want for Christmas as a travel lover is a 3D Wooden World Map with Flag Push Pins. The world map is a wall puzzle which is a fun way to highlight each country you have visited using the flag push pins. It is a beautiful piece that will keep my wanderlust alive and always have me travel dreaming”


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Ipinmi is a travel content creator and blogger. Her goal is to inspire people to embark on their own adventures and have immersive experiences in every country they visit through tips and guides and of course her travels. 

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Traveller 9 wants to be gifted a DSLR:

Travelling is a must for me as travelling resets my life and mental health. I travel because I need a new environment or I need to breathe a new air. I have travelled to 9 countries and still counting and I always thought to myself why won’t travel brands approach me? Maybe come to me with a discount on a trip Ha-ha. I love gifts and everyone does. Gifts can be therapeutic! I do not mind receiving an invite to tour a luxury hotel or destination. I do not mind having to travel for free and only bother about pocket money!  Anything whether little or big can make a difference in my life as a frequent traveler. More importantly, being a travel creator requires me to share travel content to keep my audience engaged.  I think I will settle for a DSLR to supplement my smartphone camera. 

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Kofi Dotse is a Social Media Strategist, digital content creator and a local guide. He loves to share his experiences tailored to discovering hidden gems and local attractions. He loves to also teach people to do what he does. He is available for collaboration on anything social media, strategy, content creation or anything fun! 

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Traveller 10 wants to gifted bespoke skincare:

“It’s 32 days to Christmas Day – so the official countdown has begun. This year I am personally on a mission to ensure travel lover get gifted things they would actually want and need. I am so in love with the new Crabtree and Evelyn gift finder that helps you choose the perfect gift that suits every travel personality and style​! To get started click here and answer 7 simple questions that helps determine the type of traveller you are or the type of traveller your gift recipient is! I got the backpacker gift box which is no surprise at all! I legit live for the carry-on only lifestyle! Bespoke skincare that suits every travel style definitely sparks joy!”

Photo by Pelumi 💓 Travel blogger ✈️ in Iceland Reykjavik. Image may contain: one or more people and closeup.
I am a travel content creator and adventure seeker. I have explored 60+ countries and passionate about teaching people that travelling can be easy, safe and doable.

Remain connected with me:  Instagram | Twitter





Here we go, were you surprised or this is what you expected? Now, you know what travellers want, feel free to gift any of these travellers. Life is all about love and sharing, be a part of someone’s smile this season. And I truly hope you got some inspiration about things to gift travel lovers. Just before you leave, what do you truly want as a gift for the festive season? Leave it in the comment section below. 


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